Thursday, September 24, 2009

What Are CSS Style Sheets?

What is CSS?

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used to describe the the look and formatting of a document written on a web page.

Blogs And CSS

CSS is especially handy to know when you want to edit or personalize the template of your blog or WCMS web page. You will notice that my blog has a custom feel to it and the CSS code I have used to do this is not very complicated and luckily a lot of the CSS code is pretty easy to figure out. Most of the CSS code in a blog is named so you can understand what you are looking at.

Getting Started

I recommend that you start with learning what each part of the components and/or syntax used in CSS are. I have included them below for you to review. Once you have reviewed these I recommend you continue learning CSS by learning how to edit background color and background images on your blog or WCMS CSS code. This post from my blog will allow you to learn the basics of how to change color and background images in your blogs CSS code. I will be posting in the next few days how to edit your banner, size of your blog template, and create a menu area on your blog. So stay tuned for more!

CSS Syntax

The CSS syntax is made up of three parts: a selector, a property and a value:
selector {property: value}
  • The Selector
    The selector is normally the HTML element/tag you wish to define, the property is the attribute you wish to change, and each property can take a value.
  • The Property & Value
    The property and value are separated by a colon, and surrounded by curly braces.
  • For Example
    The following CSS code changes the color of the body of your page.
    body {color: black}Body is the selector, color is the property and black is the value or in this case the color you will see.

CSS Is A Bit Technical

CSS can be a bit technical but for those of you who are blogging away and creating some amazing blogs on WordPress or Blogger, this might something you might want to experiment with. Once you get the hang of it the code will start to make sense to you.

I love questions!

Be sure to ask away if you run into any problems when editing your CSS code on your blogs or web pages. Plus you can always tweet or email me any questions.

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