Sunday, June 13, 2010

Download Your Favorite Videos and More with Real Player SP

Have you tried Real Player SP for Mac OS X or Windows?

As a teacher and presenter I have frequently experienced the frustration of one of my critical videos not working during a presentation or classroom lesson because video is online through a service live YouTube. Have you had that happen to you? Usually the culprit of my online video dilemma is due to a blocked firewall or failed Internet access. With Real Player SP you will remain calm for your presentation and that online video can always work for your presentations. That is because Real Player SP not only allows you to download video & music files, but it also has a converter. That means you can easily download videos for your classroom or use without having to be connected to the web. You can even do it from YouTube or your favorite video service or music playing site. Plus, you will have the option of converting downloaded video for use on your MP3 player, iPod, iTouch or iPhone. Oh! And did I mention you can also trim and clip video while previewing it on Real Player SP. The possibilities are just endless.

Real Player SP Download Sites

RealPlayer SP for Mac

Installation for MAC instructions.

Real Player SP for Windows

This video from Real Player will show you how to use it. The program looks a little different on the MAC than on Windows but it is basically the same.

How to convert your You Tube videos in Real Player to MP3 or other formats.

Have fun and be sure to share your finds!

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