Monday, October 31, 2011

Using Social Media to Illuminate Classroom Dynamics

Spark the light bulb over your students’ heads again and again. Join the revolution to end the ongoing battle with classroom boredom. Open new channels of curiosity with your students by learning how to use social media to engage students with 21st century communication and collaboration skills.

Above is the description of what Kate Matthews, Technology Teacher at Tyrone Elementary, and I will be presenting at the 2011 Georgia Education Technology Conference. Our presentation will include examples of how I use Twitter, Blogging, Diipo, Sophia and Classroom Parott in the high school classroom and how we both use Edmodo at the elementary and high school levels.

This is the Prezi presentation we will be using during our session. The presentation includes resources and video examples of how we use social media in our classrooms.

The following materials were created by the Edmodo team as well as educators to support teachers who are preparing to rollout Edmodo in their classroom. The files are from the Edmodo help center.

Lastly, featured below is the full segment of the Heavy Head Syndrome (HHS) video we talk about in the beginning segment of our presentation. It is kindly demonstated by Peppermint Patty while she attends school.

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