Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hour of Code

Programmers NEEDED!

By the year 2020 more than 1,000,000 jobs will be needed in computer programming but only 400,000 computer science students will be available to fill those positions.


“Computer programmers are in great demand by
American businesses, but there are not enough
graduates to fill these opportunities.”
~ Senator Marco Rubio

My School's Hour of Code

On October 14, 2013, 30 of my programming students visited two elementary schools to teach 3rd to 5th graders how to code. On that same day thousands of other kids around the world participated in an hour of code. The initiative is all part of Code.org's campaign to allow every kid the opportunity to experience computer programming. The following is a video of our day and some resources you can use to run your own hour of code next year. Please lower your sound the video did not load correctly and it may be a bit loud.

Recommended Programs to Run Your First Hour of Code

code.org/learn - I recommend teachers and students start at this link. This area will let students access Code.org's programming tutorials. Most are self explanatory.
Scratch -- This is a great programming site and the link I have provided for you includes tutorials were kids and adults can learn how to program.
code.org/educate - More information on starting an hour of code in your school.
code.org/educate/20hr - Sign up for a teacher account on Code.org
Duck Lights - A Rasberry Pi and Scratch Science Project -- This is my 5th grader's science project using Scratch and Rasberry Pi. This is a more advanced project but a great way to get kids excited about programming and electronics. My 5th grader taught himself Scratch at age 8. I wish I could take credit for all he knows but he learned it all on his own. Thanks for MIT's kids helping kids Scratch community. Please check my blog more information on this project.

Advertise Your Hour of Code

A good video to help get everyone in your school get excited about programming. 

“I think everybody in this country should learn how 
to program a computer because it teaches you 
 how to think.” ~ Steve Jobs

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