Sunday, June 5, 2011

InDesign And Movie Maker Workshop

Tomorrow I will have the pleasure of meeting and teaching some phenomenal marketing teachers in Gwinnett county. I will be teaching them how to use InDesign and Movie Maker 2011.

InDesign is a fantastic piece of software made by Adobe that allows you to create interactive layouts. The files from InDesign can be used to post on web pages as .swf files, saved as .pdfs, to print beautifully layout magazines, and much more. InDesign is a great program to use to advertise your CTAE program on the web or at school in print. It is also being used to create interactive magazines such as Martha Stewart's Living, Wired Magazine and Sports Illustrated. These three videos will demonstrate how this program and iPad's are revolutionizing the way we currently look at magazines.


Martha Stewart's Living

Sports Illustrated

During the workshop I will also be teaching how to use Movie Maker 2011. Another great program that luckily comes free with the Windows operating system. This program can also be used to promote your programs or to do alternative collaborative lessons in your classroom.

I am using this post to provide everyone with the resources I will be using during this workshop. Feel free to share resources you have or give me some feedback on how you use InDesign or Movie Maker in your classrooms.

Workshop Agenda

Adobe Video on How Marketing Fashion Designers Use InDesign

Adobe InDesign Resources:
Tip: If you do not have an Adobe account I highly recommend that you set up one. It is free and it will allow you to download and access their resources.

DECA Programs Resources:
Movie Maker 2011 Resources

Finally, I will leave you with this great video. It will help you and maybe your students get more excited about using InDesign in your classrooms.

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